Employment Opportunities

The Illinois Leadership Center’s (ILC) team consists of professional staff members, graduate and undergraduate student employees.


Undergraduate Student Positions

The ILC employs undergraduate students and provides them with professional experiences to develop their leadership and career development competencies. Below are learning outcomes established for our student employment program.

Throughout the academic year, students will participate in mandatory team meetings, professional development sessions, and voluntary staff social events. Undergraduate student employees will also be asked to staff at least one i-Program (https://leadership.illinois.edu/i-programs) during the academic year. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance personal communication skills (oral & written)

  • Develop an appreciation for diversity

  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and collaboration skills

  • Exercise responsible independence

  • Develop leadership competencies

  • Adapt to and utilize new technologies

  • Increase career readiness

Hiring Process:

Traditionally between January to March each year, the ILC recruits and hires undergraduate students for employment for the following academic year. Please note that some positions may not have openings and will not be available to apply for during the hiring process. All applicants must include a resume with their applications.

resume is a document used and created by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments to a potential employer. This document is considered a standard element of the job application process in the United States and many other countries. If you need assistance preparing a resume for this application, we encourage you to utilize The Career Center. They provide in-person and online resume reviews as well as a variety of print and electronic resources.


Please contact Hannah Driscoll at hannahd@illinois.edu if you have any questions. 


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Graduate Students

Graduate student employees serve as a member of the Illinois Leadership® Center professional staff. Our graduate student works closely with the full-time professional staff members and undergraduate students at the Center. 

The hiring process for the 2023-2024 school year has now closed. 



Professional Staff Positions

Professional staff within the Illinois Leadership® Center have experience in leadership education and leadership development, and often possess a background in higher education administration.  All employment vacancies, when they occur, are posted at the University of Illinois employment website.