Cluster Facilitator

LeaderShape Institute Overview

At The Institute, participants learn how to lead with integrity through a variety of fun and educational experiences. They will create a vision for change focused on their organizations and an action plan designed to assist them in effectively implementing their vision and goals. Typically, around 65 undergraduate students participate in the program. 

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At the end of the LeaderShape Institute, participants and facilitators will:

  1. Commit to identifying their core ethical and personal values and then commit to act on them.
  2. Identify when their behavior is not in congruence with their core ethical and personal values. 
  3. Develop relationships where the dignity and contributions of all people are acknowledged and respected. 
  4. Create a vision for the greater good of a community which includes a “healthy disregard for the impossible.”
  5. Develop skills to be able to successfully work in groups and teams to accomplish a collective vision.
  6. Articulate action steps necessary to implement a vision.
  7. Increase their capability to produce extraordinary results.


Volunteer Description

Participants are randomly placed into small groups or, “family clusters”, during The Institute. Cluster Facilitators are typically University of Illinois faculty, staff, alumni, or local community members. Six Cluster Facilitators are selected. The Cluster Facilitator serves as the group’s resource, catalyst, and coach. The Cluster Facilitator does not serve as a parent or gatekeeper. Instead, the Cluster Facilitator serves as a bridge between the Learning Community and learning application in the Family Cluster. 

Specific roles within the Family Cluster and Learning Community include:

  • modeling leadership behavior and acting with integrity
  • clarifying, summarizing, and sharing ideas
  • guiding group discussions
  • facilitating selected segments of the curriculum
  • establishing a climate conducive to learning
  • challenging assumptions and encouraging reflection and feedback
  • maintaining an energy level that matches the pace of the Institute

During Learning Community segments and at other times, the Cluster Facilitator assists the Co-Lead Facilitators in managing the session of the Institute. Numerous activities occur during the day at the Institute, many require accompanying instruments, handouts, videos, special instructions, etc. Whenever possible, the entire faculty needs to make sure that the days’ tasks are accomplished efficiently and effectively. During the Institute, Cluster Facilitators are accountable to the Illinois Leadership Center Professional Staff who have overall responsibility for managing the week.


Time Commitment

Cluster Facilitator Orientation:

  • Friday, November 1st, 2019
  • 3-5pm in the ILC Conference Room, Illini Union Room 290

The Institute Faculty Training:

  • Saturday, January 11th, 2020
  • 9am-6pm in the ILC Conference Room, Illini Union Room 290

The Institute:

  • Sunday, January 12th - Friday, January 17th, 2020
  • Allerton Park Retreat Center in Monticello, IL.
  • Cluster Facilitators will be required to stay at Allerton overnight for the entire week. Lodging in the mansion and adjacent buildings, and three daily meals as well as snacks will be provided.