Who can enroll in the Leadership Certificate Program?

Undergraduate, graduate and professional students currently registered at Illinois are eligible to enroll in the program.


What is the recommended timeline to complete the Leadership Certificate Program?

We recommend three semesters to experience the full benefit of the program. We do not permit participants to complete within the same semester as they enroll.


Does the Leadership Certificate appear on my academic transcript?

No, but it can be included on your resume or CV.


How do I enroll in the program?

In order to enroll in the program, you must do the following:

1) Self-enroll in and complete the Leadership Certificate Program online training on Canvas:


click here to enroll into the online training


2) Draft and submit a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to the ILC website by the deadline:

  • Fall semester submission deadline = November 15th
  • Spring semester submission deadline = April 15th

You must complete all six modules of the LCP online training and have your PDP approved in order to be considered an active, enrolled participant in the program.

As you are completing the online training, you can work on the modules at your own paced and can save your work to return later on to finish.

After you have been officially enrolled, you will be assigned to a cohort and matched with a Leadership Coach.


When can I enroll in the program?

You may enroll in the program anytime by self-enrolling to the online training modules and submitting a PDP by the set deadline during the fall and spring semester. 


When do I get matched with a Leadership Coach?

Participants who submit their Personal Development Plan (PDP) by the deadline will be matched with a Leadership Coach at the beginning of the following semester.


Do I get to choose my Leadership Coach?

If you someone you know has agreed to serve as your Leadership Coach, we will ask you to share their full name and email address so we can match you with them. If you do not already have someone in mind for your coach, you will be assigned one of our available volunteer coaches.


How often should I meet with my Leadership Coach?

You are expected to meet regularly with your Leadership Coach and you will work together to determine what schedule works best for you both. At minimum, you are expected to meet with your coach at least once per month when class is in session and to maintain contact during the summer sessions if possible.


Are the Cohort Program activities and meetings mandatory?

Yes, unless you have a class or work conflict.


Can the same experience be used for more than one program requirement?

No, it is not permitted to satisfy multiple requirements by using the same experience. For example, attending the Intersect program cannot count toward both the i-Program and Leadership Trainings/Workshops requirement. You can only count that experience once.


Can I count experiences I had prior to enrolling in the program toward the program requirements?

You may count one i-Program toward the program requirements. You may also count LEAD 260 if you previously completed it. Every other required experience must take place while enrolled in the program. 


What if I am unable to take LEAD 260?

We will ask you to complete a waiver in order to substitute the required course for another course that connects to at least one of your chosen leadership competencies. 

click here to download the course waiver form

Wavier must be submitted to leadershipcertificate@illinois.edu for final approval.


When is the ePortfolio submission deadline? 

The fall deadline is November 1 and the spring deadline is April 1.


What do I need to do to prepare for writing my cumulative reflection?

As you self-report your experiences on the Certificate Dashboard, there is space for you to write brief notes about which competencies you engaged with and what you took away from the experience. We encourage you to take notes so that when you write the cumulative reflection, you have something to reference.


Who can contact if I have additional questions about the Leadership Certificate Program?

Please email leadershipcertificate@illinois.edu if you have any additional questions.