Designed by the llinois Leadership® Center (ILC), a variety of leadership development workshops are available to academic classes, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and other student groups upon request.

These workshops are also available for individual students through our Workshop Thursday Series. See below for more information. 

The curriculum for each workshop are built with learning outcomes focused on addressing the competencies from the Illinois Model of Leadership.


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All workshops are traditionally 60 minutes in length, highly experiential, and delivered by ILC-trained facilitators. Like all ILC programs & services, these workshops are offered to Illinois students and student groups for free. Workshop requests must meet a minimum of 10 participants.

At a minimum, a $100 service fee per hour (including any prep work and presenting) is associated for all groups that are not primarily Illinois students. Please contact to request an estimate.

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Workshop Thursday Series

On Thursdays during the fall and spring semesters, the ILC offers a workshop series open to all Illinois students, hosted in the ILC Conference Room. Students can participate in any of the workshops whenever the workshop is being offered.

The time for all workshops, except for CliftonStrengths: Self-Discovery, is from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The CliftonStrengths workshop is from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM so participants can complete the assessment during the workshop. 


Workshop Topic

February 2 

Servant Leadership

February 9

Global Learning and Leadership

February 16

Conflict Management

February 23

Personal Development: Self-Management

March 2


March 9

ILI: Illinois Leadership Inventory

March 23

Servant Leadership

March 30

Sustainable Leadership

April 6

CliftonStrengths: Self-Discovery

April 13

Global Learning and Leadership

April 20 

Conflict Management

April 27



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Space is limited, so registration is required to attend a workshop session. To register, students will need to follow these steps:

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Login using your Illinois Net ID

Step #3: Click on the Registration tab to select and register for the appropriate workshop session


All workshop sessions are held in the ILC Conference Room (Illini Union, Room 290) unless otherwise noted ahead of time. Please note in order to attend a workshop, you must swipe your i-card and show proof of building access via the Safer Illinois app or Boarding Pass as well as wear a face covering throughout the entirety of the workshop.

Can't make a workshop? Check out our self-paced, online leadership trainings here.

Workshop Descriptions

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CliftonStrengths for Students: Self-Discovery

This workshop is designed to help you understand your talents to improve your own self-efficacy and awareness, as well as to leverage your talents in your academic life and beyond. Prior to the workshop, participants must complete the CliftonStrengths assessment which generates your top five talent themes.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Self-KnowledgeReflection

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Conflict Management

A common misconception is that conflict is always negative. However, in this workshop, we explore how conflict often arises, and how it can be used as an opportunity for change and greater understanding. We will help students assess their personal conflict management technique and learn strategies to build their conflict management skills. 

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Communication, Self-Knowledge, Relationship Management

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Empathy is defined as the ability to understand, affirm, and share the feelings of another. In this workshop, participants will engage in defining empathy for themselves, as well as how to assess and develop their empathy skills. Defining features of this workshop include completing an empathy inventory, engaging in discussion questions, and practice of active listening. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to make the key connections between empathy and leadership.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Empathy, Openness, Relationship Management

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Global Learning & Leadership

In today’s world, learning how to work with a diverse set of people is essential to having success on a team. In this workshop, participants will identify where they fall on the eight culture scales and learn how the scales can be used to work productively on any diverse team.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Self-Knowledge, Group Dynamics, Global Competence

click here for resources about self-knowledge click here for resources about this competency click here for resources about global competence



ILI: Illinois Leadership Inventory

In this workshop, you will learn more about the Illinois Model of Leadership and discover courses, events, and resources to enhance your leadership abilities through self-assessing your leadership skills using our online module. 

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Self-KnowledgeSelf-Management

click here for resources about self-knowledge click here for resources about self-management



Personal Development: Self-Management

This workshop highlights the importance of self-management as a college student. Participants will summarize and discuss with peers how various systems of organization can contribute to reaching their goals accordingly. This session will provide training on how to create and prioritize strategic goals, as well as assessing when participants are burnt out by developing a burnout management plan. 

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Self-Management, Self-Knowledge, Reflection

click here for resources about self-management click here for resources about self-knowledge click here for resources about reflection



Servant Leadership

Anyone can be a leader – but what about a servant leader? Servant leaders are individuals who put others before themselves and assist their community in any way possible. In this workshop, students will define servant leadership for themselves and identify servant leadership resources within the Champaign-Urbana community. Additionally, students will analyze these resources on how they can contribute to increasing their own servant leadership skills.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Service-Minded, Self-Knowledge, Common Purpose, Human Dignity

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Sustainable Leadership

What do food deserts, clean water, and leadership have in common? They’re all related to sustainability! Unpack this timely topic in the Sustainable Leadership workshop. During the session, students will learn about the multi-faceted concept of sustainability and how it relates to more than just environmental concerns. Workshop participants will explore ways to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives and leadership style. 

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Sustainability, Systems Thinking, Social Justice

sustainability system thinking icon social justice