Designed by the llinois Leadership® Center (ILC), a variety of leadership development workshops are available to academic classes, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and other student groups. These workshops are also available for individual students looking to develop their leadership capabilities through our Workshop Wednesday Series.

All workshops are traditionally 60 minutes in length, are highly experiential, and are delivered by ILC trained facilitators. Like all ILC programs & services, these workshops are offered to UIUC students and student groups at no additional cost to them. Service fee may be associated for all other individuals or groups.  

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Workshop Wednesday Series

On Wednesdays, the ILC offers a workshop series open to all UIUC students. Students can participate in any of the workshops whenever the workshop is being offered. All workshops are held at the Illinois Leadership Center (290 Illini Union) unless otherwise noted. 

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Space is limited so registration is required to attend Wednesday's workshops. To register, click here to log into our website and go to ‘Registration’ on the menu list and select ‘Workshops’. Choose your workshop to sign up. To view the cancellation policy, please click here.

We currently offer the following workshops:

CliftonStrengths® for Students: Self Discovery

This workshop is designed to help you understand your talents to improve your own self-efficacy and awareness, as well as to leverage your talents in your academic life.

Prior to the workshop, participants complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment which generates your top five talent themes.

CliftonStrengths® for Students: Team Development

This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of your talents, as well as the talents of others, to work effectively within a group setting to achieve a common purpose.

It is highly encouraged to participate in the Self Discovery workshop first, but not required.  

Communication Skills

This workshop is designed to help you understand different types of communication, your communication style, how to communicate more effectively as a group, and how to make lasting impressions using communication skills.

Conflict Management

In this workshop, we make conflict much less scary by helping you understand your personal styles on how to positively manage conflict and develop techniques to tackle difficult conversations.


In this workshop you will understand the importance of empathy and learn skills to enhance your personal empathy skills. At the conclusion, you will be able to apply empathy-developing strategies to future interactions with others.


This workshop will help you and learn techniques to inspire and motivate one’s own self and others. Perfect for a group looking to engage its members or a group of individuals thinking about how to energize themselves.

ILI: Illinois Leadership Inventory- will be available in Spring 2019

In this workshop, you will learn more about the Illinois Model of Leadership and discover courses, events, and resources to enhance your leadership abilities through self-assessing your leadership skills using our online module. 

Personal Development: Self Knowledge

This workshop is designed to help you develop a personal mission statement for self-improvement through personal awareness and values clarification of one's own motives or character.

Personal Development: Self Management 

This workshop is designed to help you create an action plan for self-improvement through goal setting and time management practices by taking responsibility for one's own behavior and well-being.

It is highly encouraged to participate in the Self Knowledge workshop first, but not required.  

Strategic Planning

This workshop will help to enable long-term organizational stability through goal setting, mission analysis, and visioning. Perfect for a group looking to establish or restructure their purpose, operations or image. 


This workshop is designed to help your group develop as a more effective team, learn strategies to work more efficiently, and understand errors of unsuccessful teams. 


Alumni Workshop Series

This workshop series feature Illinois alumni who share life experiences, offer advice, and provide perspectives on various leadership experiences. These workshops are offered sporadically throughout the year. Check back on our homepage for announcements on upcoming alumni workshops.

Questions? Please contact or 217-333-0604