i-programs are day-long workshops that focus on a particular aspect of leadership practice. These programs are offered multiple times throughout the academic year. To learn more about each program, read below. To sign up for one of these programs, please log-in to our website. 

Petullo Insight

The Petullo Insight Leadership program is designed to help students focus on self-awareness and self-management skills. Students who participate will identify their personal values and personal leadership philosophy, while exploring their personal strengths and social identities. 

The Petullo Insight program is named after Anthony "Tony" Petullo, in honor of Tony's generosity and support.


The Intersect Leadership program is designed to help students focus on interpersonal communication and team building. Students who participate will work with fellow students to accomplish team challenge goals.


The Ignite Leadership program focuses on skills necessary for effective group and organization development. Students who participate can expect to develop skill in leading change initiatives, learn about systems thinking, and coalition building. At Ignite, students will learn about organizational successes of past Illinois students, and work to develop a plan for their own change initiative. 


The Integrity Leadership program focuses on the skills necessary for interpersonal and organizational ethical leadership. Students who participate in Integrity are faced with ethical challenges and learn how to successfully navigate them with the help of skilled facilitators.


The Inclusion Leadership program focuses on concepts such as equity, equality, diversity, inclusion, and bias. Students who participate will recognize the values of others, and identify differing social identities in relation to leadership. 

Rolls-Royce Innovation

The Rolls-Royce Innovation Leadership program focuses on skills related to innovation, creativity, and diversity of idea in problem solving. Students who participate in Innovation will develop skills in these areas and also an understanding of their dominant problem solving style and its impact on organizations and people.

The Rolls-Royce Innovation Leadership program is named after Rolls-Royce Corporation, in honor of the company's generosity and support.


The Imprint Leadership program focuses on skills necessary for displaying leadership during times of personal and professional transition. Students develop skills in managing themselves during times of change; and learn how to develop, and maintain, the personal and professional networks necessary to sustain success in any environment.

Of special note, all small group facilitators at Imprint are University of Illinois alumni. They are chosen from a variety of professions and academic colleges, and share their own personal stories of success and challenge around transition in their own lives.

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