About the Certificate

The Leadership Certificate Program is designed to provide you with a customized experience to help develop leadership skills in a way that integrates leadership education, reflection, and experience over multiple semesters.  You are matched with a Leadership Coach during the program.  The program culminates with the creation of a Leadership Portfolio that documents your leadership growth.

How Can I Start?

The enrollment periods to begin the Certificate Program occur during the first 10 weeks of each fall and spring semester. To get started:

  1. Login to our website to register to attend an Information Session under the 'Certificate' tab.  A list of workshops for the Fall can be found here.
  2. After attending an Information Session, confirm your intent to begin the Certificate by submitting your Declaration of Intent online.

If you are joining in the fall semester, your Declaration of Intent is due December 2nd.
If you are joining in the spring semester, your Declaration of Intent is due May 5th.

Once you’re enrolled, we will pair you with a Leadership Coach as soon as possible.