The Illinois Leadership Center® at the University of Illinois seeks to be an internationally acclaimed provider of leadership education, research, and experiential opportunities for students. 


The Illinois Leadership Center is committed to developing and enhancing the leadership skills of all students through assessment, learning, and experiential opportunities. In addition, the Center supports faculty and staff who are pursuing leadership-related teaching, research, and student engagement activities. 

ILC Core Values 

Student Learning - We believe life-long learning and personal growth are essential to effective leadership. We provide purposeful programs and services that allow students to engage in self-discovery, learn essential skills, and apply them to their daily life.

Diversity & Inclusion - We strive to create safe inclusive environments that are accessible and welcoming to all students. Our programs are designed to engage students about and across difference, promote respectful dialogue, and create change for a greater good. 

Collaboration - We strive to develop collaborative relationships with students, faculty/staff, and alumni to create effective learning environments and achieve common goals. 

Integrity - We are committed to practicing and teaching ethical leadership by aligning our values and actions, modeling professionalism, and being a good steward of resources. 

Innovation & Continuous Improvement - We strive to provide innovative programs and services that are informed by assessment, current theories, and research.