Student Resources

Certificate Workshops

The Illinois Leadership® Center provides informative workshops for enrolled participants at significant points throughout the Certificate Program. All workshops are held at the Illinois Leadership Center (290 Illini Union) unless otherwise noted. 

To view a list of upcoming workshops, click here.

Space is limited so registration is required to attend Certificate workshops. To register, click here to log into our website and go to ‘Registration’ on the menu list and select ‘Certificate Workshops’. Choose your workshop to sign up.

Informational Session (60 min)

The Certificate Information Session is designed to introduce you to the Program and will include a review of general requirements and steps to complete the Leadership Certificate. Once completing the Information Session, you will be able to submit your Statement of Intent.

Personal Development Plan Workshops (60 min)

Creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP) is the first step in working towards your Leadership Certificate. The PDP serves as the blueprint for you and attending this workshop will assist in crafting your goals for the program. 

Portfolio & Completion Workshops (60 min)

This session covers general information about creating and submitting a Portfolio. Material covered includes the requirements, types of Portfolios/E-Portfolios, and important deadlines.

You must attend all of these workshops as part of the Certificate Program. If you are unable to attend the scheduled workshops, please contact the Illinois Leadership Center. 

Coach Pairing

Working with a Leadership Coach can be an impactful aspect of your experience in the Certificate Program. Leadership Coaches are professionals (e.g. campus faculty and staff, alumni, and other community members) who volunteer their time to support students through their successful completion of the Certificate Program.

Students are encouraged to recruit their own coach, someone with whom they are comfortable sharing their leadership development experiences. If you have someone in mind, we encourage you to approach them to request them to serve as your coach.

Leadership Courses

Through collaborations with academic units and campus faculty, the Leadership Center has identified a number of campus courses which provide a specific focus on a particular leadership skill or aspect in the curriculum. For courses that fulfill the two course requirements of the Leadership Certificate program, visit this document.

Participant Manual

For a complete review of program requirements, please review the Leadership Certificate Participant Manual. 


For a soft copy of this manual, please email

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

As the blueprint of your  time in the program, a good PDP is essential in outlining purposeful growth through the goals identified in this document. An example of a good PDP can be found here: PDP Sample

Portfolio Examples

As a final requirement, students are required to submit an e-portfolio highlighting their experience and their growth. Below are examples: 


A rubric outlining the requirements of the Portfolio can be found here.