Student Resources

Certificate Workshops

The Illinois Leadership® Center provides educational workshops for enrolled participants at significant points throughout the Certificate Program. All workshops are held at the Illinois Leadership Center (290 Illini Union) unless otherwise noted. 

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Information Session (60 min)

The Information Session is designed to introduce you to the program and will include a review of the requirements and steps required to complete the Leadership Certificate. After attending the Information Session, you will be able to submit your Declaration of Intent online.

Personal Development Plan Workshops (60 min)

Creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP) is the first step in working towards earning your Leadership Certificate. The PDP serves as the blueprint for your progress through the program.  Attending this workshop will help you craft your goals for your leadership development.

Portfolio & Completion Workshops (30 min)

This session covers general information about creating and submitting an ePortfolio. Information covered includes the requirements, types of Portfolios/ePortfolios, and important deadlines.

You must attend all of these workshops to complete the Leadership Certificate Program. If you are unable to attend the scheduled workshops, please contact the Leadership Certificate Team:


Leadership Certificate participants have the option to be paired with a Leadership Coach to support their leadership development. Working with a Leadership Coach can be an impactful aspect of your experience in the program, but will involve active engagement with your coach.

As we have a limited number of volunteer coaches, we encourage students to recruit their own coach. 

Who to Ask:

When seeking a coach, you should identify a person who is willing to discuss your leadership development journey with you, and who will be available to meet in person or online at least once per semester while you are pursing the Leadership Certificate. Your coach does not have to be affiliated with the university.

Examples of potential coaches: faculty member, teaching assistant, advisor, work or volunteer supervisor, athletic coach, family friend, community leader, etc.

If you would like help identifying a potential coach, please contact the Leadership Certificate Team:

Approaching a Potential Coach:

  • Provide a brief overview of the program – the Participant Manual is a helpful resource
  • Explain how you hope to benefit from having a Leadership Coach and why you think they would be a good fit for you
  • Contact the Leadership Certificate Team once the person has agreed to serve as your coach – they may need to fill out the Coach application

Meeting with Your Coach:

You should meet with your coach at least once per semester while pursuing the Leadership Certificate. Please make sure to respect their time and respond to their communications in a timely manner!

Coaching Walk-In Hours:

The ILC professional staff also hold walk-in hours for students who are not paired with coaches so that they can receive assistance with the Personal Development Plan, written reflections, ePortfolio, and any other program requirements. These hours are open to students with coaches as well.

Cohort Program

All participants of the Leadership Certificate Program are assigned to a small group of program participants for their first active semester in the program. Each cohort is led by a peer mentor who has knowledge of the Leadership Certificate Program and is invested in helping students complete the program. Every cohort will attend events and meetings throughout the semester as well as engage in regular communication.

Leadership Courses

Through collaborations with academic units and campus faculty, the Illinois Leadership Center has identified a number of campus courses which provide a specific focus on a particular leadership skill or aspect in the curriculum. For courses that fulfill the two course requirements of the Leadership Certificate program, visit this document.

Participant Manual

For a complete review of program requirements, please review the Leadership Certificate Participant Manual. 



For a soft copy of this manual, contact

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

As the blueprint of your progress through the program, an effective PDP is essential in outlining purposeful growth through the goals identified in this document.

Portfolio Examples

As a final requirement, students are required to submit an ePortfolio documenting their experience in the program and their leadership development. Below are a few examples: