What is the leadership certificate program?

The Leadership Certificate is a structured program designed to provide students with a long-term leadership development experience. Certificate students partner with a Leadership Coach during the program and create a Leadership Portfolio documenting their leadership growth.

Who can participate in the certificate program?

Any current University of Illinois students.

How much does it cost to participate?

The Certificate Program is offered at no additional cost to program participants

How much time does the program really take?

There is no set 'hours-per-week' requirement for the program because it is based on your personal individual completion timeline. However, traditionally it takes a student 3-4 semesters to complete.

I'm interested! How do I get started?

After you login on our website, go to ‘Registration’ on the menu list and select ‘Certificate Workshops’. Choose an Information Session workshop to sign up. At the workshop, you will learn more about the specific requirements and next steps to begin the Certificate Program.

When can I enroll in the certificate program?

Certificate enrollment occurs in the Fall & Spring semester by attending an Information Session workshop and submitting a Declaration of Intent online.

Can graduate students enroll in the certificate program?


What leadership programs can I do besides i-Programs?

Leadership programs count if they are at least 5 hours. Examples include academic and professional development conferences, research symposia, retreats coordinated by faculty or staff, national conferences, etc.

Can a course not on the pre-approved list count toward the certificate?

Yes, as long as it helps you achieve your learning goals from your Personal Development Plan, but this should be approved by your Certificate Coach prior to taking the course. If you are not matched with a coach, you should contact the Illinois Leadership Center for approval.

Can I get credit for experiences I did prior to enrollment in the certificate?

Academic courses on the pre-approved course list and i-Programs CAN be back counted Non classroom team experiences CANNOT be; these must occur while in the program.