Who can enroll in the Leadership Certificate Program?

Undergraduate, graduate and professional students currently registered at Illinois are eligible to enroll in the program.


What is the recommended timeline to complete the Leadership Certificate Program?

The Leadership Certificate is structured so students can reasonably complete in two semesters. Participants cannot complete the Certificate within the same semester as they enroll in order to fully experience the benefits of the program and their leadership development. 


Does the Leadership Certificate appear on my academic transcript?

No, but it can be included on your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile. 


How do I enroll in the program?

In order to enroll in the program, you must complete and submit the Personal Development Plan to the ILC website by the deadline for the semester you wish to enroll. 

  • Fall semester submission deadline = November 15th
  • Spring semester submission deadline = April 15th 

Once the PDP is submitted, ILC staff will review. Please keep an eye on your @illinois.edu email account - we will follow up with you via email once your PDP is approved, or if revisions are needed before final approval. 


When can I enroll in the program?

You may enroll in the program anytime by submitting a PDP by the set deadline during the fall and spring semester.


Can I count experiences I had prior to enrolling in the program toward the program requirements?

You may count one i-Program toward the program requirements. The leadership course requirement can also be counted if you completed the course before enrolling in the program. The workshops and semester-long team experience must be completed while you are enrolled in the Certificate program. 


What can I do to prepare to put together my ePortfolio?

Participants are strongly encouranged to self-report their experiences on their Certificate Dashboard. The Certificate Dashboard can be accessed by logging in to the ILC website (the same place where the PDP is uploaded). Self-reporting your experiences also helps both you and our staff track your progress toward getting the Leadership Certificate and advise on what requirements you still have left during check-in meetings.

In addition to reporting experiences, there is space for you to write brief notes about which competencies you engaged with and what you took away from the experience. We encourage you to take notes so that when you write the reflections for your ePortfolio, you have something to reference. 


Is there a specific length or word count for the ePortfolio? 

Some of the reflections on the ePortfolio have specific word counts and requirements for supporting documentation. We encourage students to go beyond the minimum requirements and include additional supplemental materials (videos, photos, etc.) to personalize the ePortfolio and showcase their hard work!

Be sure to use the ePortfolio checklist to ensure your ePortfolio meets all of the requirements before submitting. ePortfolios that are missing components will be returned for revisions before they are approved. 

click here to download the e portfolio checklist


When is the ePortfolio submission deadline? 

The fall deadline is November 1st and the spring deadline is April 1st.

Once the ePortfolio is submitted, ILC staff will review. Please keep an eye on your @illinois.edu email account - we will follow up with you via email once your ePortfolio is approved, or if revisions are needed before final approval. 


How can I use my ePortfolio? 

Many students have used their ePortfolios in the job application or interview process to show prospective employwers how they have learned, practiced, and reflected on their leadership development. It is also helpful for personal reflection and networking. 


Who can contact if I have additional questions about the Leadership Certificate Program?

Please email leadershipcertificate@illinois.edu if you have any additional questions.