Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate Program is a multi-semester program designed to provide you with a customized experience for developing leadership competencies from the Illinois Model of Leadership through leadership education and training, co-curricular involvement, self-reflection, and coaching.

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The program culminates with the creation of an ePortfolio that documents your growth as a leader. The Leadership Certificate Program is designed for you to be able to complete in three semesters.

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Attend an in-person Information Session to learn more about the program. Or you can also watch a recording of the session below: 


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As a participant, you will be assigned to a cohort and matched with a Leadership Coach (who are typically University of Illinois faculty, staff, alumni, or local community members) to support your leadership development and guide you in your Leadership Certificate journey.

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How do I enroll in the program?

In order to enroll in the program, you must do the following:
  1. Complete the Personal/Self online module of the Illinois Leadership Inventory (ILI)
  2. Register for and attend a Designing Your Leadership Certificate Journey Workshop 
  3. Draft and submit your Personal Development Plan (PDP) to the ILC website by the deadline

Please complete the ILI module before attending the Design Workshop. You will need your results for this workshop.You will not be able to submit your PDP online until you have completed the ILI module and attended the Design Workshop, and you will not be considered an active participant until you have submitted your PDP.

Once you have completed the three steps listed above, you will be assigned to your cohort and matched with a Leadership Coach.

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How do I earn the Leadership Certificate?





Complete the Personal/Self module of the Illinois Leadership Inventory (ILI)




Register for and attend a Designing Your Leadership Certificate Journey Workshop

  • Make sure to bring your ILI results to the workshop!




Draft and submit your Personal Development Plan by the deadline

  • Fall and spring semester submission deadline = Reading Day




Complete the requirements listed below before registering for the Completion Workshop




Enroll in and complete one leadership course – LEAD 260 Introduction to Leadership Studies

  • May count if completed prior to enrolling in program




Participate in two Illinois Leadership Center's i-Programs

  • May count one if completed prior to enrolling in program




Participate in two co-curricular team experiences

  • May include research groups, registered student organizations, part-time or full-time work, athletic teams, study abroad, service-learning, etc.




Attend 10 hours of trainings and workshops on leadership-related topics

  • May include organizational trainings, national or regional conferences, leadership retreats, ILC i-Programs or workshops, career development seminars, cultural programming, etc.




Register for and attend a Completion Workshop, create an ePortfolio, and submit completion requirements by the deadline

  • Fall semester completion deadline = November 1
  • Spring semester completion deadline = April 1


At the end of the fall and spring semesters, students who have completed all of the requirements will be invited along with their Leadership Coaches to participate in the Leadership Certificate Completion Ceremony.