Leadership Philosophy

The cornerstone of our work is based on the Illinois Philosophy of Leadership. 

Leadership Philosophy at the University of Illinois

Leaders are individuals who work with others to create positive change.  Leadership can be practiced by anyone interested in making a contribution, regardless of formal authority or position. 

Leadership development begins with self-knowledge—understanding one’s passions, motivations, strengths, limits, and personal values.  Leaders are committed to continual self-discovery, reflection, and learning. 

Learning to work with others is essential, since leadership never happens alone. 

Leadership is exercised as members of teams, business, civic, and community organizations, and as global citizens.  Leaders recognize and value the multitude of voices, opinions, experiences, and identities in our workplaces and communities, and as leaders, we work to promote greater inclusivity and respect. 

At the University of Illinois, students learn and practice leadership in their academic coursework and out of classroom activities.